Wednesday, April 22, 2009

>mErA dOst<

dis mera jaan..
hmm..far from me but near in my eyes..
hope 1 day i will c him 1 day..
he nice guy,crazy..
juz same like me..
he look so cute when he put his tounge out of his mouth,,hahahah
so crazy like child 7years old..
even like dats he one of people cn make me cry easly..hahahaha he great person,. hahaha..
am realy crazy girl.. juz same like him....dats y we cn b a bez crazyfriend...
he b my teacher.. teach me urdu language..
malik.. main tum sa bohat pyar karti hoon,. kal ho na ho,.but i juz know 1,main tum bohat miss karti hoon,. friend ever,. sweet litle crazy guy,,hahaha..

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