Tuesday, April 7, 2009

do u c my smile there?
am hapy with mylife even so many thing happen in mylife,.
sometime when am angry am smile,.
when am feel good am smile too.,
smile is my very2 best friend,.
am smile in the same time am crying and laughing,.
sometimes wht eva i feel i juz keep inside,.
keep everything inside,.
hard for me to trust other people,.
but it dosnt mean i think negative bout other people,.
for me.,
respect other people is very2 important if u want they respect u even d person is our enemy., for do this u must hav strong heart,. alwaz b patient.,
cool n calm.,keep smiling,.hehe
do u can do dats??
smile when u angry,.
b patient,.
u know wht am do when am angry??
sometimes am juz keep silence till am b cool,.
then keep smiling until am b cheerful,.
n try to forget n forgive about the thing dats make me angry,.
so hard to do dats u knw,.
u must control ur self,.
forget dosnt mean u must forget juz like dats,.
u must learn something from dats,.
take the sumting good,.make it b guidance in ur future,.
forget about the thing make u angry,.
juz think,.
dats is the part of ur life,u must face dats,.
n try to forgive ,.
forgive other people,.
n dont forget to forgive ur self,.
dats will make u feel better,.
dis is life,.
without pain
without hurt
dats not real life,.
when u get pain,.
or anything dats make u feel so hurt,.
u will learn sumting from dats.,
u will b more stronger than before,.
trust me,.
even u look so weak outside,.
but u must stronger inside,.
dats can make u go futher in your life with very sweetest moment in ur life even u r alwaz in trouble,.hehehe.,
face it dont run from ur problem,.
u will get better,.
am not a good person,.
am juz same like other people,.
full of weakness,.
until myself cant count dats,.hahaha
am also need advice from other people when am get problem,.
even the advicer is my enemy,.hahaha
i juz want share with u all,.
what am think,.
when i said like this,.
dosnt mean am perfect,.
no one perfect in dis world,.
we r full of weaknes,.
make the weaknes b the very sweetest thing in ur life,.
accept ur weaknes,.
mybe ur weaknes bring luck to ur life.,
who know rite??
alwaz think positive,.

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