Wednesday, January 19, 2011

he is d One!!

he's d one dats i love.. hope will be forever..
even .. am cryin coz of him but he is d one who make he happy..
am feel so calm when am with him.. 
he is my honey.. my lurve.. insyallah.. hope he will be my soulmate ever lastink for here n ever after..
juz him..

i want u know dats am love u so much..
i want alwaz be with u..
even so much thing dats apend between we r..
but am still loving u.. still missing u..
still wants u be with me..
at myside.. to survive our life together,.
n make our dream comes true..
.. i lurve u ab..

25 august 2009.. 
remember dats date,.
u r mine,.
n am b yours..

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