Wednesday, January 19, 2011

-20years old-

on 2010.. my age are 20 years old.. so many thing hapends to me.. am become adult.. at dats time am realize dats life are not so easy.. so adventure to treasure dis life.. do sumthing dats i dont know.. learn,learn.. n learn.. how to be a human.. until now am still trying.. n trying.. for me.. nice to see so many people in my life but,. hard to give a trust.. we dont know what are inside their heart... what type of human their .. sumtime am love to be alone.. even talk about friend,bout love,bout family.. about all.. its hurt me a lot.. but.. i know dats suppose am learn in live make me be more tough inside.. but its not so easy.. a lot of tears, hurt.. yeah!!dats we call life.. not juz a smile but more than dats.. but.. smile are the best thing to make we calm.. yeah!! keep smiling all my friend.. so many thing.. so so so.. many thing we suppose to think.. then dis year 2011.. more .. more.. more.. thing to think!!! hahaha.. keep trying to be cool.. hahha be patient.. be nice.. hahhaa.. and to be human.. to be successful.. huhu... 'DON'T SWEAT ON THE SMALL STUFF'.. huhu.. then hope my life will become more better.. ;) wink..~

antara insan2 yg mengisi tahun 2010 aku,.

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